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Zelensky and Marcos discuss end to Ukraine war

In an interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Philippine President Marcos expressed his hope for a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian conflict.


According to Zelenskyy, he spoke with Marcos on Monday night, calling their conversation the “first phone call in the history of bilateral relations”.

Thanks him (Marcos) for supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. During the meeting, Zelenskyy and I discussed the possibility of deeper cooperation, especially on international platforms.

Yesterday, Marcos confirmed that he had spoken on the phone.

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy and I had a pleasant conversation yesterday, Marcos wrote in the post. We in the Philippines admire the bravery and nationalism that the Ukrainian people have displayed during this crisis, and we support their commitment to peacefully resolving the conflict in their country.

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reports that since Russia began its armed offensive against Ukraine last year, over 7,100 people have been killed and about 11,700 wounded.

Reports by the UN Human Rights Office indicate that explosive weapons with wide-range effects, such as heavy artillery shells, multiple rocket launches, missiles, and air strikes, were responsible for most civilian casualties.

OHCHR believes that the actual numbers are more than double the stated figures due to delayed information being received from some locations where intense hostilities have been taking place and many reports remain unconfirmed, the report said.

How To phone call Zelensky thanks Marcos Ukraine

Earlier this month, Denys Mykhailiu, the ambassador of the Ukrainian embassy in Malaysia, revealed that their government had asked Marcos to speak to Zelenskyy by phone in June last year.

If the phone call between the two leaders is successful, Mykhailiu said the Philippines would discuss participating in and sponsoring the UN peace plan.

Last month, Marcos said the Philippines was “on the side of peace” and open to talking with Zelenskyy.

In an emergency session of the UN General Assembly, the Philippines was among 141 nations that condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Additionally, it supported a UN Human Rights Council resolution suspending Russia.

During a forum organized by the Asia Society last September in New York, Marcos urged all parties to maintain international peace and security by adopting peaceful means.

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