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Sabungeros case suspects photos released by police

It has been announced that the Manila Police Department has released photos of the six guards thought to have been involved in last year’s disappearance of the six sabungeros at Manila Arena.

According to Emil Sumangil report on “24 Oras they are now the target of a manhunt by the Philippine National Police (PNP) following the issuance of an arrest warrant for kidnapping and serious illegal detention charges.

The problems have been lingering for years, but we haven’t given up on solving them. Jesus Crispin Remulla, Justice Secretary, said, “Nobody disappears without a trace.

A reward of P6 million has previously been offered by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for information on the suspects. Inonog reported receiving several calls after receiving the offer.

Police tags 8 suspects in the disappearance

We have the 1:15, we have the alas kwatro, and we have the alas singko. A concerned citizen is Sila Raw. When a group of taong ito na hinahanap, it is this place where they gather. The tao na ito was not interested in a reward for his concern, but he challenged the taos to go to the place he said he had visited.

Dondon Patidongan’s camp was also approached. In April 2021, Patidongan was seen with Michael Bautista in Laguna and still remains unidentified.

As long as I remember to follow them, I will be happy. My understanding is that I am not going to be able to participate in the pulis since I am not going to be able to solve the problem, said Inonog.

While Charlene Lasco is being held captive, her brother Jonjon Lasco was abducted and taken from his home in San Pablo. Ten people who are believed to have been involved in the case urged the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group director to focus on the other police officers. Laguna’s San Pablo District Jail is currently housing three police officers.

A possible mastermind behind the missing sabungeros has been identified by the CIDG, according to police Brigadier General Romeo Caramat Jr.

It’s that pinangako that Mr. Ang has mentioned in the past. Then I will come up with a solution that will be useful to those nawawalang tao added Inonog.

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