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Marcos administration urged by Makabayan to demand Chinese military pullout from WPS following laser sighting

During a resupply mission for Filipino troops in Ayungin Shoal, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) boat was targeted by a military-grade laser from China.

Several progressive lawmakers, including Arlene Brosas, France Castro, and Raoul Danniel Manuel, have called for an affirmation of the country’s sovereign rights over the Ayungin Shoal by the Marcos administration and a demand for Chinese military bases to be removed from the West Philippine Sea in House Resolution 781.

Observing that Beijing was deliberately acting in an aggressive manner against a Philippine government vessel, it emphasized that the action was an outright violation of Philippine sovereignty.

The Marcos Jr. administration should take a stronger countermeasure beyond diplomatic protests, according to the resolution, as this incident escalates China’s transgressions in the West Philippine Sea.

In response to China’s increasing frequency and intensity of attacks on Philippine Coast Guard and Filipino fishermen, President Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. summoned Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian on Tuesday.

It was reported by the Chinese Embassy that Marcos and Huang discussed how to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state, strengthen dialogue and communication between the two countries, and tackle maritime disputes appropriately.

The Chinese vessel triggered a protest by shadowing, harassing, directing military-grade laser beams, and illegally challenging the radio, condemning the incident.

Despite Chinese warnings to stay out of Chinese waters, Beijing accused the Philippine vessel of invading the waters off Ren’ai Reef.

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