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Luis Manzano investment issue moved Vilma Santos to tears

An emotional Vilma Santos mourns the loss of her brother, Boy Abunda, after the issue of their investment was brought to the kanyang saloobin of their brother – Luis Manzano.

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On GMA-7’s Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, Ang Star for All Seasons was the guest

My dear Ate Vi, you give a lot of love to your children and you are always out of sight of them at all times

It ain’t easy being a darling to your kids, if he’s a hard workaholic your kids are having it hard as well.

In an investment issue involving one of her sons, Luis Manzano, Vilma Santos was approached by Boy Abunda. During Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, Ate Vi said she did not know anything about her son, saying he was not a Nanloloko.

Isa Vilma Santos a pinagpipitagang and batik artist in the Philippines. In the public sector, she is a nanunungkulan. 

During her term as Representative for the Lone District of Lipa, Batangas, siya has achieved a great deal of success. His father is Senator Ralph Recto, and he has an uncle who is a TV host named Luis Manzano.

Akanyang vlog, Vilma was sama with her daughter. Luis Manzano and Ryan Recto represent the family of the dalawang pinakamahalagang trophy. 

Ate Vi’s couple of kids Luis and Ryan are participating in the Jojowain o Totropahin challenge. Netizens are sharing a lot of photos of Ryan and Luis together.

I’m not quite sure what to describe as Vi’s excitement about the kanyang unang apo na tinatawag nilang si Peanut.

 In her vlog, she shows her gift to the apo, even though she didn’t get to attend the baby shower. I had to buy a Star for All Seasons sterilizer for Jessy in order to clean the baby bottles. In order to make things easier for himself, he purchased and paid for an item for himself so he could purchase a payo for himself.

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