6/49 Lotto Result Today – Official PCSO Lotto Results

6/49 LOTTO RESULT (updated 25 September 2022 ) Here are the PCSO 6/49 super lotto results for today and yesterday, as well as the latest update from the PCSO sweepstakes office.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9PM are the days for 6/49 Lotto Result.

Lotto 6/49 Result for 25 September 2022

6/49 Lotto Result  25 September 2022 A PCSO announcement including all important reminders is made for the 25 September 2022 6/49 Super Lotto results.

Draw Date Winning CombinationJackpot Prize Number of Winner(s)
25 September 202212-11-14-03-44-27Php 98,614,447.80    0
22 September 202245-36-28-35-11-41Php 93,612,815.00    0
20 September 202224-46-41-45-37-38Php 87,838,640.80    0
18 September 202236-16-45-14-21-08Php 83,046,408.80    0
15 September 202232-26-47-38-48-04Php 77,518,718.60    0
13 September 202224‑20‑26‑12‑11‑38Php 72,577,298.000
11 September 202209-42-16-47-13-05Php 68,467,186.200
8 September 202218-48-36-21-37-29Php 63,446,121.60  0
6 September 202241-42-18-31-17-10Php 58,760,114.40  0
4 September 202210-29-07-37-41-30Php 54,892,827.600
1 September 202237-49-35-17-46-11
Php 50,019,156.20 0

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As well as jackpot-bearing games and digit games, the agency conducts the game every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 9PM.

Aside from these games, PCSO also conducts four major digits games, as well as STL games. View here the

The PCSO won’t accept bets after 8:00PM, so interested millionaires must secure their tickets before then. In addition to the ticket sales, the official lotto draws will take place at 9:00PM.

How much does the Super Lotto 6/49 ticket cost?

Lottery tickets containing jackpots are now prized at P20.00. You can purchase tickets from an authorized PCSO lotto retailer, including the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

Besides 6/49 Lotto Result players can also check their online accounts via Facebook and Twitter in real time to view 6/49 Super Lotto results. As well as the lotto draws, the official PCSO accounts broadcast them. A few days in advance of scheduled draws, PCSO announces that draws will be suspended on special occasions, such as important national holidays.

How do you play the 6/49 lottery?

Among PCSO’s major lottery games, the 6/49 Super Lotto is one of the most popular. A player must mark a playing card with six numbers from 1 to 49 to play the game.

If the player prefers that the machine select the numbers for him or her, the Lucky Pick or LP can also be marked down. Moreover, 6/49 Lotto draws can also be played systematically for a greater chance of winning. Higher bet costs are associated with more combinations.

Category Winning Nos. Prizes
1st Prize
(Initial Jackpot)
6 out of 6 Numbers net of agent’s prize commission)
2nd Prize 5 out of 6 Numbers Php 50,000.00
3rd Prize 4 out of 6 Numbers Php 1,200.00
4th Prize 3 out of 6 Numbers Php 50.00

How To Claim the Prize

Those winners who win a Lotto Prize between Php 20.00 and Php 10,000.00 can claim their prize through any authorized lotto outlet. The nearest PCSO branch can also assist you in claiming your prize.

For winners of Lotto prizes exceeding Php 10,0001.00, claims can be made at any PCSO branch office. Accordant to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, prizes exceeding Php 10,000.00 will be deducted 20% from the prize amount.

Each ticket that is to be claimed is thoroughly validated by PCSO. Public officials are reminded that counterfeiting/tampering with tickets is a serious issue. Attempts to claim prizes using such methods will not be honored.

Amount Where to claim?
Php 20.00 up to Php 10,000.00 Authorized PCSO outlet near you
Php 10,000.00 up to Php 300,000.00 PCSO Branch near you
Jackpot Prize PCSO Main Office located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

PCSO announcement(s) and notice(s)

It is important for the public to be aware of entities preying on them by posing as PCSO employees and encouraging them to purchase lotto tickets online through their betting service. As of now, PCSO does not have an app, text or phone number to cater to users who are interested in betting online.